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Plant Health Care for Insect and Disease damage:

True Care Inc. utilizes IPM (Integrated Pest Management) as our Plant Health Care program. This makes our focus of the prevention of diseases and the avoidance of damage from insects first-rate. Our technicians have all the knowledge of environment, biology, habits, and life cycle to identify the weakness in a pest's life cycle. Knowing the difference between beneficial insects and damaging insects is the key in how to treat each occurrence. Complete eradication of a pest is not always the best path. The total elimination of a pest can cause the total killing of beneficial insects also.

The technicians at True Care Inc. are skilled in IPM, giving plants the very best environment in which to thrive. . Plans always include cultural, mechanical, biological controls, low volume treatments, injections, and using pest-specific pesticides to keep your landscape flourishing.

Proper Pruning:

The arborists at True Care Inc. are highly trained to correctly prune your valuable trees and shrubs. We follow the International Association of Arboriculture standards, whether it is for corrective pruning of storm damaged plants or maintenance pruning to avoid disease and structure problems. Pruning, that is difficult to see when finished, should be considered a regular part of a comprehensive maintenance program for the health and beauty of your landscape. Give True care a call today for a free estimate on maintaining your healthy landscape.


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